5 Lakh stolen from Nashik currency note printing press


5 Lakh stolen: There is a printing press for banknotes in Nashik, Maharashtra. A complaint has been lodged at the police station that Rs. 5 lakhs has been stolen from this printing press. Police are investigating based on a complaint lodged by the manager of the printing press.

Speaking on the occasion, police officials from the Nashik printing press on Monday complained that the rupee notes were missing. They have complained that 500 rupee notes worth Rs 5 lakh are missing. All were newly printed banknotes, the complaint said.

5 Lakh stolen from Nashik currency note printing press

The theft of money from a high-security printing press has shocked police and the public. Outsiders are unlikely to be involved in this theft. Police suspect that employees of the printing press may have been involved in the incident.

“Since no outsider can enter the printing press, someone from the packaging bay section of the CNP or any other CNP employee is suspected to be involved in the theft,” the release quoted Amit Satish Sharma as saying.

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