Abhisi Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $69.00


Abhisi Review: Abhisi lets you provide timely personalized support to your customers while being incredibly simple to use for you and your team. If you are using Gmail or other email clients give Abhisi a try and see how much time, effort and hassle it saves you. Abhisi is designed to make your team’s life easy and your customers happy. Because happy customers grow your business.

Abhisi is a cloud-based help desk solution that enables companies to provide timely and personalized support to their customers. It is a very user-friendly software and doesn’t present users with a long and steep learning curve, allowing them to fully utilize the system right from the get go. This helpdesk platform is also designed to encourage interaction between companies and their customers so that they can provide high-quality support every time.

Buy Abhisi Lifetime Deal for $69.00

Abhisi Review

Abhisi Benefits

Abhisi is a powerful and robust customer helpdesk solution that delivers a throng of features that enable support agents to provide high-quality customer support to their clients. The platform makes it easy for both support reps and customers to connect via a smart widget that can be embedded into a website. A simple click of the button gives customers immediate access to expert support whenever they need it.

Whenever a customer contacts your support channel for help, Abhisi gives your agents a comprehensive and very detailed history of your consumers. Previous interactions, notes, purchase history, and much more are made available to your support representatives to give them insight into the customer’s issue and allow them to create and provide favorable responses on top of solutions.

Abhisi Features

  • Collision Detection
  • Tags
  • Quick Replies
  • Notes
  • Insightful Reports
  • Automations & Custom Folders
  • Signatures
  • Auto replies
  • Powerful Search
  • User Permissions
  • Message Formatting
  • Knowledgebase
  • SSL Encryption
  • IP White Listing
  • Full Facebook integration
  • Full Twitter integration
  • Multi-channel support: email, Twitter, Facebook, web
  • Social monitor features to track and compare competition

Abhisi allows businesses and professional teams to provide professional and timely customer support to their customer base. The system is feature-rich and easy to use. It doesn’t require users to undergo time-intensive training to be able to fully take advantage of the platform and utilize its many functions and capabilities.

The cloud-based helpdesk solution is also designed to promote interaction, in the form of professional and effective collaboration, between the company or the service provider and their customers.

Abhisi Features

Abhisi is an all-in-one customer support and helpdesk platform that offers comprehensive solutions that allow users to become more efficient and productive in doing their jobs. It essentially steers your customer service agents to the right path as far as productivity and efficiency are concerned. The platform comes with a bevy of features that include performance analytics, a customer history database, and reporting features.

Abhisi provides automated message tagging and assignments, as well as offering clients and customers 24/7 access to self-service support with a comprehensive knowledge base. The platform’s reporting feature provides managers and supervisors the ability to keep track of agent performance, while the customer satisfaction function enables customers to rate their interactions with the service provider.

Get Appsumo Abhisi in the Deal for $69.00

Abhisi Pricing

Abhisi provides simple and transparent pricing for the cloud-based helpdesk solution. The software solution offers three paid plans with a 15-day free trial, and one plan that is completely free to use forever. The 15-day free trial period offered in all three paid plans does not require a credit card or any commitment.

The free Abhisi subscription is good for one agent/user, and it comes with one mailbox, a live pro-active chat, one Facebook page, one Twitter page, 1 GB of storage space, up to 100 conversations per month, message open tracking function, quick reply feature, autoresponder, and up to 30 days worth of historical data.

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