AidaForm Review: Lifetime AppSumo Deal For $49.00


AidaForm Review: Generally, AidaForm is online survey program that presents itself as an enterprise solution designed for clients who might want to make, manage, or analyze customer feedback. Through various libraries of templates, AidaForm is fit for hosting or creating various structures, from online overviews to requests for employment.

AidaForm additionally takes out the requirement for additional server integrations, which are normally expected to make forms and assemble all responses. And the platform is equipped with a segment that permits you to make and adjust your desired forms just as view every one of your clients’ reactions. This degree of comfort and simplicity is the thing that makes AidaForm unique.

Buy AidaForm Lifetime Deal For $49.00

AidaForm Review

AidaForm of Features

Analyze and evaluate information inside the web interface using helpful data visualizations, or export them as Excel or Google Sheets documents for additional preparation.And incorporate a wide range of fields for various types of information including records, different decision questions, dates, signature fields, CAPTCHA, Google Maps, and more.You can use built-in integrations with MailChimp to import email deliveries and Zapier to associate with other perfect applications, for example, Dropbox.

AidaForm is useful for marketing

Among all the other advantages of AidaForm is a simple constructor that has a beautiful design, a quick and convenient publication of the form, export of information to the required document formats, a large gallery of good form templates. I really have to highlight the Response Summary function that the AidaForm team has released as a Beta version so far. But it’s just godlike! And since it’s beta, then it’ll become even better!

AidaForm Review: A User-Friendly Tool to Create Impressive Forms

Would you like to create a web form that you can publish online and use to collect information? Maybe you’d like to create a survey, poll, or even something entirely different such as a contact form, order form, or registration form. If you want to create any type of form, AidaForm is a great option to try out. It is an online form creator that will definitely be able to help you out.

AidaForm Product Details

  • AidaForm is an easy online form creator. Our features:
  • Standard fields and questions Paypal payments File Upload field Built-in design themes Templates All the forms are mobile-optimizes and customizable!
  • AidaForm can be used to create surveys, registration forms, job application and order forms, and more. The service collects form submissions, and keeps all data safe in a user account.
  • AidaForm is a great choice for small/medium businesses and nonprofits!

Building Functions

Form editor is the backbone of a form creation service, so we’ll focus on it first. You should be able to easily learn how it works and customize fields for your forms. A good form creation service has a wide selection of pre-made responsive fields to build all sorts of forms: surveys, orders, job applications, registrations, and more. There are lots of other parameters to consider: how easy it is to edit form elements, how you save forms, how many templates are available, etc. Let’s see how AidaForm and JotForm compare.

Get Appsumo AidaForm  in Deal For $49.00

AidaForm Features

AidaForm is a relatively new form creation service, but it already has the tools you need to create any form you like. Similar to JotForm, its form builder has all the important blocks to put together an online form: name, email, address, captcha, file upload, multiple choice questions, and more. These are divided into relevant groups like сontact info, questions, and special fields so you can easily find the blocks you need for your form. At the moment, AidaForm supports PayPal for payment collection since it’s the most popular payment processing service. If you have a different platform you’d like to use, drop us a line at and we’ll try to fulfill your request. All form elements in the AidaForm builder have just one settings tab, where you can easily make adjustments even if you’re making a form for the first time

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