Amelia Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal


Amelia Review: Amelia is considered an enterprise-level booking plugin. Therefore, your entire team can log in to the engine and manage the appointments that come in. It’s a fairly lightweight system, yet you still receive a full suite of tools for things like managing services, locations, customers, and payments.

One of the things that stands out is its awesome interface on both the backend and frontend. Amelia has one of the better interfaces that you’ll find in a WordPress plugin.It’s also pretty flexible as far as settings go, though it might not be the most developer-friendly booking plugin if you’re someone who likes to tinker with the code.

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Amelia Review

The Amelia Booking System

The official feature list of Amelia is extensive, detailing 33 major features of the booking system.

All of these features can be grouped into one of three categories:

  • Features that enhance the user-experience of customers
  • Features that help admin and employees manage appointments and reservations
  • Features that give you greater control over bookings and booking information

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Amelia Booking/Appointment Plugin

I would argue that if you need a booking or appointment engine for your business, consider Amelia as one of your number one choices. It’s risky to install a free plugin and try to run your entire business around it. There’s no guarantee of quality support, and who knows if the plugin is going to be around in two years? With Amelia, you receive an excellent support team, a booking engine with lots of features, and the customization options you need to fit the booking tool into your current website.

Amelia Price And Final Thoughts

Ok, I think I’ve shown you everything at this point! So how much will all of this functionality cost you? Well, currently Amelia is priced at $59 at CodeCanyon, which is pretty affordable for what you get, in my opinion.

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