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AhoyTeam Review: AhoyTeam is a no-code workflow automation platform for remote teams to automate routine processes directly in Slack and email.

AhoyTeam empowers distributed teams to save valuable time and be more efficient with a new way of tackling workflows. AhoyTeam powers the workflow automation for the teams at Twilio, InVision, Autodesk, and more.

Create automated workflows to assign, notify, and remind to-do’s exactly when it matters directly within Slack and email. Automate repetitive workflows from new starter onboarding to weekly standup routines to employee engagement surveys.

Buy AhoyTeam Lifetime Deal for $59.00

AhoyTeam Review

Automate workflows for employees to send requests such as complaints, PTO, new equipment requests, and ask any relevant questions directly through Slack. Set up important Slack or email notifications and to-do tasks for various stakeholders whenever something happens in apps like Airtable, Jira, Trello, GitHub, etc.

Use pre-made workflow templates to quickly automate some of your key routine remote team processes

Connect integrations for apps like GitHub, Jira, Asana, Airtable, etc., and make your Ahoy workflows even more powerful

Take advantage of insights and analytics from all workflows automated through AhoyTeam and improve your processes

AhoyTeam AppSumo Plan

  • 1,000 Active workflows/monthly

  • 100 Active triggers

  • Unlimited invited members

  • Unlimited workflow templates

  • Access to pre-made templates

  • Access to integrations

  • Access to Analytics & Insights

  • Priority support

  • Members advanced permissions



As a marketer collaborating on content and marketing resources with a team of 4-5 people, AhoyTeam has been a game-changer in our process. Glad to spend more time on deep work instead of doing individual follow-ups. Team has been really proactive and helped me to fine-tune existing workflows. Excited to see where this platform lands in the future!

Get Appsumo AhoyTeam in the Deal for $59.00

Ahoy is super simple to use for a non-technical person and once you understand the basics it opens up so many possibilities.

– Great support/onboarding from Tomy Jasovsky! Thanks!
– They are listening to use cases and already improving the tool (send them your feedback)
– Deep integrations for triggering
– Clean interface
– Good for onboarding collaborators, automatize daily/weekly tasks, daily standups, mapping processes with actions (just set the trigger and assign)
– Good price for what it delivers

– Not integrated with Pabbly Connect (yet, I hope this will be possible soon)
– Not that intuitive at first, but after the you set the first integration/trigger, everything makes sense
– Not stackable
– No Webhook triggers (confirmed to be launched soon)

There’s room for improvements and lots of small details to enhance the experience. But the base is already there and it works!

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