Appsumo Deal : Clientjoy Lifetime Deal for $49.00


Clientjoy:Clientjoy’s proposals function lets users send documents to both their leads and current clients.Meanwhile, the rich HTML editor offers super useful features like online signing, comments, and merge fields to make creating and completing proposals as painless as possible.

Clientjoy also makes sure your money is in order.Quickly create invoices that have embedded payment links for easy processing, plus view payment statuses and automate recurring invoices to save time.You can also manage which services you’re selling, segment them into groups, and control the pricing right in Clientjoy.

Buy Clientjoy Lifetime Deal for $49.00


The dashboard is where you’ll find analytics across all of your modules.You’ll have a breakdown of leads and conversions, as well as their sources, so you can make informed decisions about next company steps.Clientjoy also lets you manage all of your client data from past deals to outstanding invoices.

When it comes to sales funnels, we’re all starving for simplicity Clientjoy combines the entire client journey from lead to invoicing in one platform, saving you both time and stress.

Get Appsumo Clientjoy in the Deal for $49.00

There is a new product, similar to this in regards to concept, 8demand, which is on the AppSumo Marketplace for much less than this deal, but it pales in comparison to Clientjoy

This seems the exact client management platform that I was looking for. Very clean, simple and modern interface, easy to understand and motivate us to use unlike other boring CRMs. Moreover it manages sales pipeline,

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