Appsumo Deal : ContactInBio Lifetime Deal for $49.00


ContactInBio :On the backend, ContactInBio’s dashboard lets you view all your landing page statistics.That’s right, ContactInBio gives you in-depth analytics and demographics — like country, date, and language — for each site visitor.

Plus, you can fine-tune your landing page to match your personality or brand.Select from premium themes or create your own design by uploading an image, adding a video background from Pexel’s integrated library, and creating a color gradient.

Buy ContaclnBio Lifetime Deal for $49.00


ContactInBio is customizable to fit your industry as well.If you’re an e-commerce startup, for example, you can create your store right on ContactInBio page.Food bloggers can share recipes with a linked image carousel, all on one page.

Get Appsumo ContactlnBio in the Deal for $49.00

Don’t make your IG followers work to buy products, subscribe to your list, or interact with you.ContactInBio removes the platform roadblock between you and your followers, making it seamless for them to get more involved in your latest projects.Make every social media post go further.

Abzal from ContactInBio works tirelessly to help me during my setup, answered many basic questions since I’m a newbie and he is very kind.I love the way the end product looks.

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