Appsumo Deal : Group Collector Lifetime Deal for $69.00


Group Collector : You would have to copy each member’s answer manually before approving, which could be very time-consuming.Group Collector solves this problem by collecting new Facebook Group member answers when they are approved.

The internet is like a huge shopping mall of software that promises to save your time and help you make money. The best software tool is the one that is tried by hundreds of people and actually proves to do what it promises.

Buy Group collector Lifetime Deal for $69.00

Group Collector


If you’re out there struggling to find a Group Collector alternative, look no further and sign up with Group Leads for free. We are here to guide you every step of the way and promise results from the time you begin!

Credibility is the foundation of any business, product or brand. If you promise one thing on the homepage of your site, then you also offer the same thing on your sales point page. Here’s what Group Collector offers on their site homepage.

You can then send welcome emails to your new members by using automation in your email marketing software.You can also set up Group Collector Auto Approval, which allows you to auto-approve new group members after certain intervals that meet your specific criteria.

Get Appsumo Group collector in the Deal for $69.00

I now have Quuu to create content for the group, Social Chief to publish it and Group Collector to manage my group members.Would be crazy to start a group without Group Collector as the time saving is obvious. My facebook group will be an adjunct to my other business

Then found Group Collector. Now I am getting between 40-80 member requests per day and after checking all I do is click on group collector in Chrome and voila all the contacts are accepted and get all their info,



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