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iubenda :You can check all legal requirements from a central dashboard, and then create a cookie banner, privacy and cookie policy, and terms and conditions in just a few clicks.These documents are customizable, with over 1,300 options for altering clauses and tailoring your banners or legal documents to your business needs.

iubenda works with both websites and apps to have you covered on both fronts, and you can adjust for different privacy laws by simply clicking a button if your needs change.With iubenda, you never have to worry about constantly shifting laws, either.All legal documents are updated automatically whenever the laws change,

Buy iubenda Lifetime Deal for $59.00


Getting your website shut down because of noncompliant cookies is a lot less cool than it sounds. protected and up-to-date with custom cookie banners, terms and conditions, and other legal documents, so you can focus on your business—not fines and lawsuits.

What an amazing deal this is for any web developer. iubenda is a fully mature product. I set up my privacy and cookie policy in about 30 minutes. The wizard makes it easy. I also took the test,

Get Appsumo iubenda in the Deal for $59.00

I was looking for a solution like iubenda for a while now. As I operate in Germany, privacy is pretty much regulated here and I am very pleased that I found a solution that takes ALL of that from me – cookies,

Iubenda is a well established italian company in the market to stay. So there is no associated risk in this deal about the future of the company !Yes at the beginning may seems very complicated to understand how it works but after the first site you will be able to solve with only one tool all your privacy and cookie needs.

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