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KeepSolid Goals Review: KeepSolid Goals is a leading Goal Management software designed to help startups, business owners and PMs to perform goal-oriented management. Within a single platform, users will be able to: set project goals and build mind maps, break down goals into tasks, assign tasks to team members, complete tasks using Sprint & Kanban boards, control progress with Charts Reports

Goals by KeepSolid is a web-based, objective-oriented task management application. The features and tools are specifically designed to help you set and achieve business goals. From the Target definition, to creating Mind Maps, from creating Goals to assigning Tasks, the platform is a highly visual, central repository of information that can be accessed securely by team members with the right permission. Users have the option to manage projects by agile using Sprints, and track progress with a Kanban system.

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KeepSolid Goals Review

KeepSolid Goals Review

Oftentimes, increasing the efficiency of your business takes getting rid of useless activities, work for the sake of work, and more. These are easy to discern once all your activities are planned and performed with a single, universal goal in mind. That’s where Goals by KeepSolid comes into play.

Featuring Mind Maps, Team Collaboration, Task Management, Roadmaps & Progress Tracking, this software fills a number of roles that are crucial for business. With Goals, your business will move even faster and reach targets with a single global goal in mind.

  • Use a flexible mind map maker tool of the Goals to craft mind maps online
  • Create teams, manage their composition, assign specific members to specific Goals or Tasks
  • Plan Sprints, track progress w/ Kanban boards
  • Accurately prioritize, schedule, track progress & organize your targets into easily manageable units
  • Track your projects’ status & progress using Reports charts

KeepSolid Goals gives you an overview of all your objectives, tasks, due dates, assigned team members, key results, KPIs, and budgets in the objective gallery. To get started, you can use the mind map tool to visualize your objective and divide it into key results and tasks you’ll need to achieve it.

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KeepSolid Goals gives you the tools you need to create clear plans that achieve your objectives. Keep all project information organized and updated on the Worksheet tab where you can assign tasks, priority, and due dates.

That’s why KeepSolid Goals gives you access to the data you need to have better control over your progress and success.On the Reports tab, you can easily monitor the progress of your team and individual team members.

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