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Kriya AI Review: Without personalization, your effort comes across as spam — like those strange connection requests on LinkedIn.

Powered by the most advanced language model GPT-3, Kriya AI finds relevant professionals for your business and writes a personalized, smart email introduction based on work history, summary, school history, etc.

Buy Kriya.AI Lifetime Deal for $49.00


They’ve trained their system with 5 language variations for each introduction, and 200m+ profile data in the US/Canada/North America region. This allows them to offer variations on introductions that set you up for the best inbox performance.

You simply export the email snippets into a mail-merge friendly CSV, and get free credits on any erroneous outcomes.

If you are serious about connecting with someone professionally, make sure it is a personalized effort.

Kriya AI Review

Kriya AI software is a platform used to writes smart email introductions in minutes. The software uses AI to find Professional data and generate personalized introductions for emails. It has Auto-Engage tool to create and import/export files in CSV file format. Marketers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.

Get Appsumo Kriya.AI in the Deal for $49.00


Email Personalization

Machine Learning

Data Import-Export

One account with multiple authors on the dashboard access

Export CSV with mail merge variables with auto personalization

Data with 20+ filters across 200m+ professionals

100/ per month AI-generated email introductions (GPT-3)

100/ per month new contacts including email, names, Linkedin, location, etc

Train your AI templates

Integrations with Outlook, Gmail, Hubspot, and export Excel CSV

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