Appsumo Deal : Lifetime Deal for $59.00 : was designed for restaurants, shops, bakeries, and groceries that want to take orders for delivery and takeaway.Add your menu to the system, build complex offers, and let people order exactly as they like.

You can build your ordering page or copy and paste the widget to your existing website — either way, it allows for people to order food and groceries immediately.They can pay for the order with one of the provided payment channels, or you can also use cash or card on delivery.

Buy Lifetime Deal for $59.00


To maximize the productivity of your business, offers a comprehensive mobile application where you can receive orders and then be notified about those orders immediately. You can even directly connect the system to your printer in the kitchen. comes with a variety of options you can use to make your business more successful, including the ability to build marketing campaigns with discount codes and the ability to combo products together

Build your ordering page for your restaurant, shop, or pub

Take delivery and pick-up orders from your dedicated website or use a widget you can add to your existing one

Use our tablet/phone app in-house to receive orders with the shortest possible time of delivery

Take orders in advance & build offers, combos, and discounts

Get Appsumo in the Deal for $59.00

As I’m listening and respect your questions and suggestions I will modify a deal a little. I will lock the price for another year. So for all of you buying the offer here the system will allow to renew the plan for the same price for another year!

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