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Osmos: OSMOS is a gorgeous, Zen-like puzzle game in which players control an orb floating through space, absorbing smaller orbs to become bigger while avoiding being absorbed by larger orbs. Although the premise sounds trite, the execution is excellent thanks to realistic physics, different orb behaviors  and 72 increasingly tricky levels in various environments.

Osmos could be a creative tool for kids who are learning about forces and motion, particularly Newton’s Law of Motion. As kids learn to grasp the concept that for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction, introduce them to the Odyssey mode and have them work with a partner to try different levels.

Buy Osmos Lifetime Deal for $129.00


Osmos is an incredible science tool that allows students to play a game as they advance through various physics puzzles. The music is relaxing, and the game holds the attention of middle school students. I would encourage students to use the game in and out of the classroom.

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