Appsumo Deal : PeerBoard Lifetime Deal for $59.00


PeerBoard :Create both public and private community forums, with full control over the community’s visibility, access rights, and registration options.Your community forum is a completely branded experience that lets you choose a custom theme color, add your logo, and customize your categories and topics

PeerBoard also supports rich media in posts, such as images and videos to help keep people engaged and interested.The forum’s real-time threads help facilitate valuable in-depth conversations within your community.With branched discussion threads, community members can respond and react to comments, questions, or suggestions in a way that makes it easy to follow the conversation.

Buy PeerBoard Lifetime Deal for $59.00


Members can also customize user profiles by adding taglines, bios, avatars, and more, giving them the freedom to be their authentic selves.With PeerBoard, you can access and manage your community members in the forum’s built-in CRM.Check out all of your member info, contacts, and stats without any restrictions and easily update member info from the CRM dashboard.

You’ll be able to quickly transfer members or add new members to your community through a simple email invite.If you come across those unsavory types, you can also block members from accessing the community in just one click.

Embed PeerBoard as a fully customizable page in your WordPress site in just 10 minutes.You can put the community forum behind a paywall and provide a seamless login experience for users.

Get Appsumo PeerBoard in the Deal for $59.00

Gain more control over your organization’s community space by getting off that third-party site and bringing your community where it belongs.PeerBoard takes care of the infrastructure, so that you can focus on building a thriving community on your own terms.

I really enjoy using PeerBoard and the team behind it have been incredibly gracious and responsive.The interface is clean and neat. It draw you in and makes you want to interact.

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