Appsumo Deal : Popupsmart Lifetime Deal for $49.00


Popupsmart:The biggest problem Popupsmart has solved is the way popups are presented because they do not annoy people due to the user-friendly designs and advanced targeting options.We aim to increase your sales by obtaining high conversion rates by using new generation pop ups.

No-Code tool: Anyone can use this tool without any technical knowledge, and is supported with rich video content documentation.48 Conversion ready popup templates & 26 audience targeting options: Pop ups designed in different areas specific to your website visitors.

Buy Popupsmart Lifetime Deal for $49.00


Fully responsive design: Get offered the best popup view of any dimensions with responsive designs that are compatible.Exit-intent triggers: Prevent your visitors from leaving your website by detecting cursor behavior and displaying predetermined messages

Scroll triggers: Only display your popup if a user has scrolled the desirable percentage of a webpage.Geo-located targeting: Show digital campaigns based on users’ location and localize your offers.In-activity sensor: Display your popup after the user has been inactive on the website for a while to boost user experience.

Get Appsumo Popupsmart in the Deal for $49.00

Traffic source targeting: Display campaigns based on specific traffic sources and URLs such as Facebook, and Google AdWords.Device-based targeting: Use different campaigns for your desktop and mobile popups.

Event tracking: Track user response by analyzing popup impressions, clicks, and conversions with Google Analytics Events.

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