Appsumo Deal : PressOffice Lifetime Deal for $240.00


PressOffice: Researching and curating a list of journalists and editors you want to reach out to can be time-consuming and tedious when you really should be focusing on the most important thing: your business.

Created by PR professionals, PressOffice makes it easy for you to write and structure your press release or announcement and choose which media you want to reach out to.

Buy PressOffice Lifetime Deal for $240.00


Every press release is reviewed by the team – who all have editorial experience – so that you can rest easy knowing your press release won’t have any embarrassing typos.

We also help with minor edits that we think will be better received by the media. With PressOffice, you can also build your Media Center

Get Appsumo PressOffice Lifetime Deal for $240.00

where you can include every single piece of information commonly asked for by journalists. Say goodbye to repetitive emails, attaching multiple files, and copy-pasting links over and over.

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