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SmartTask :SmartTask isn’t just another project management tool—it’s a game-changer.This all-in-one platform is the easiest way to collaborate, with a simple interface that lets you have clarity on which team member is doing what and by when.SmartTask understands that different teams have different goals, allowing you to utilize the interface view that best suits the work you do.

Whether you’re managing ad hoc tasks or overseeing a project that passes through multiple stages, there’s a view for everyone. And because time management is essential to your entire workflow, you can keep track of all your meetings and deadlines using the Calendar view.

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Since managing your work shouldn’t be another source of work, SmartTask helps you get all your ducks  in a row—and keep them there.The Portfolio feature allows you to have an eagle-eye view of all the projects in progress and their predicted completion dates.

With the Sales Pipeline feature, you can easily track inquiries throughout the sales funnel.You can attach contacts, so you’ll always be in the loop with client communication.SmartTask saves all communication history,

keeping your team in sync when it comes to what transpired till now as well as the next action points.Best of all, SmartTask’s CRM analytics tracks the number of leads in different stages of each sale.You can also analyze your team’s performance over time

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SmartTask also lets you customize your workflow, so you can maximize your team’s productivity without getting bogged down by rigid templates.Custom Fields allows you to provide additional info on each task and track your work in a way that suits your team’s specific needs.

SmartTask isn’t just book smart it’s also street smart.Along with keeping track of completed tasks, SmartTask also monitors the quality of the work.Using Karma Points, team members can reward each other for jobs well done.

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