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Our service’s features are available with our simple REST API. Integrate with API to sync your lead generation processes. API allows to retrieve email addresses from our database for particular domains, get a list of all emails from a particular domain, find email addresses by first name, last name and domain, as well as verify emails.

Enter a domain name and will return all the email addresses on the domain.If there is any additional information about the email owner available in the database, we will add it as well.Each response returns up to 100 emails. If it does not return at least one email, you will not be charged for the request.

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The domain name for which the API has provided the email addresses.webmailIs “true ” if the domain you’re searching is webmail.resultThe number of email addresses we have found for this domain. We can’t provide results for webmail domains, so the result for webmail will always be 0 .limitSpecifies the maximum number of email addresses to return.companyName

The company name used to find the email addresses.emailsThe array of domain emails retrieved in the search.emailA specific email address retrieved in the search.typeCan contain “prospect ” or “email ” values. If the returned type is “prospect”, found additional information about the email owner.

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