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Swift Polling :Swift Polling allows you to present with a single click and collect responses on any screen in real-time.The simple PowerPoint and Google Slides integration allows you to embed live quizzes and polls directly into your presentation.So unlike the couples on Love Is Blind, you don’t have to panic about compatibility issues popping up at the last minute.

With Swift Polling, you control when polls go live for your audience.That means you don’t have to worry about your external clients seeing your team’s internal poll for the best Holiday Party theme .You can also use Presentation Mode via your dashboard and see real-time results of your polls.

Buy Swift polling Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Swift Polling

That way, you can tell if your dad jokes are landing, or if you should pivot  to new material.And if you really want to clue your audience in, you can share poll responses with them.With Swift Polling, you can present poll responses in bar graphs, columns, and pie charts

After your presentation, you can export your poll results to further analyze the data.So if you’re leading multi-session presentations, you can track how your audience is responding over time and target their main concerns.Swift Polling even lets you customize your results page to reflect your personal branding!

Get AppsumoSwift polling in the Deal for $59.00

Communication is a two-way street. That’s why Swift Polling also lets you host Q&A’s with your audience, so they can ask you their burning questions.Using the Q&A mode, you can encourage interaction from all participants by having them submit questions and comments throughout your presentation.

Trust your gut” is good advice when it comes to that questionable muffin in your pantry, but for a successful business, you need real-time data, engagement, and interaction.Swift Polling makes it easy to engage, interact, and excite your audience with live polls and Q&A’s.

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