Appsumo Deal : WordPress Portal Lifetime Deal for $49.00


WordPress Portal :WordPress Portal gives you access to an interactive interface that installs in just a few clicks, and makes running your business more efficient.Choose which clients or contacts to invite to the portal, and which contacts to leave out. With WordPress Portal, you can add as many clients and contacts as you want.

But WordPress Portal makes it easy to discuss project details with public or private discussion tOnce you create a project, you can grant your selected client and staff members access to the project to collaborate and manage the project together.Project communication, especially when working remote, can get messy with too many members, overlooked messages, and technology failure hreads.

Buy WordPress Lifetime Deal for $49.00

WordPress Portal

You can also set milestones and share project files and assets.Need to get everyone on board? Create and share one-time or recurring project-specific events with your team and clients, which will be automatically added to their calendars.

Luckily, when it comes to your business, WordPress Portal’s project list gives you a birds-eye view of all current projects and their progress status, so you never miss a beat.You’ll be able to take your project organization one step further with hands-off task management.

Use the time tracking feature to measure the time you and your team members take to work on specific tasks.It automatically calculates your total hours and cost, so you can track the productivity of your team.

Get Appsumo WordPress in the Deal for $49.00

Best of all, WordPress Portal incorporates technical and financial reports, so you can track and watch your business performance.The advanced accounting software helps you create and send invoices to clients assigned to specific projects with auto calculations.

When it comes to the platforms and software you need to run your business, it’s all about quality, not quantity .Fortunately, you don’t have to juggle multiple project management, accounting, and reporting services to run a successful business.

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