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Robot.alp Appsumo: Monitor all your online services to be the first to know about downtime and other issues. No one likes having to keep a constant eye on their site’s downtime. Between marketing, outreach, and sales, you’ve got enough on your plate without toggling between tools just to make sure your site’s up and running. It’s time for a tool that carefully monitors all your services from uptime to page speed, then notifies you of any problems.

Robot. alp lets you manage your websites, servers, networks, and applications from a single dashboard. You’ll have access to a cloud-based system that helps you monitor website uptime, ports, API, SSL, DNS, safe browsing, page speed, and more—from anywhere. You can also easily grant dashboard access to anyone on your team for seamless collaboration, so they can input critical information about the site.

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Robot. alp Appsumo

Robot. alp’s 20 different geolocated monitoring services means you’ll get notified of site downtime no matter where it’s happening in the world. You’ll be able to test uptime and server functionality every minute of every day, so you’ll always be aware of any problems regardless of where they’re centered. Robot. alp also integrates with key communication platforms like Slack, Zapier, and Discord to make sure you get notified immediately if something goes wrong with your service.

Instead of toggling between dozens of tools to find the source of a problem, Robot.alp lets you see the status of all your services in one place. You’ll be able to relax knowing that pre-programmed status pages will clearly communicate any downtime to your customers. Plus, you can make personalized status pages that let visitors know you’re on top of the problem, increasing confidence in your brand.

Robot. alp even lets you divide monitors and status pages into separate organizations with different time zones. That way, everyone’s on the same page with their responsibilities, and you can have dedicated staff in specific time zones for prompt updates or solutions if things go wrong. You’ll even be able to see the status of every service on the easy-to-read dashboard, so nothing slips through the cracks.

It shouldn’t take a bunch of angry customer emails or twenty open tabs just to let you know your site is down. Robot. alp constantly monitors your site from up to 20 different geolocations and immediately notifies you of any problems, so you can fix them even faster.

Click Here to Buy Robot. alp Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $79

Plans and Features

Lifetime access to Robot. alp

All future Pro Plan updates

No codes, no stacking—just choose the plan that’s right for you

You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase

Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 4 license tiers

Only for the new Robot.alp users who do not have existing accounts

Limited-time special pricing starting at $59. Pricing increases on May 19th at 8 AM CST.

60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

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