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Apipheny Appsumo: Apipheny is also equipped with advanced features, such as the ability to create API requests based on a cell value and call API requests in spreadsheets. Moreover you can integrate your spreadsheets with Google Data Studio and other free data visualization tools and create rich enterprise-grade visualizations of your API data.

 Ahipheny permits you to integrate your spreadsheet filled with API data with any free data visualization tool such as Google Data Studio. This way you can come up with enterprise-grade dashboards and charts and view the data in multiple ways from one place.
Apipheny Appsumo
it is prudent they avoid subscribing to an all-in-one, ideal solution. Nonetheless, it is troublesome to discover such an app even among recognizable software systems. The practical step to undertake is to set down the several key factors that call for a careful thought like major features.

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 Apipheny is the only tool you need to do just that. Simply enter your API URL address, basic parameters and headers into the add-on, and then click  That’s it! No need to write any code.

I have a client who needed to create a report in Data Studio for their CRM. The CRM had an API and I was able to import the data into google sheets without any problems. I was then able to connect that sheet to Google Data Studio.

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