Appsumo Lifetime: Blakify Text To Speech Lifetime Deal for $67.00


Blakify Text To Speech Appsumo: Blakify is the ultimate Text-To-Speech app making it easy to turn any text into audio.

Whether you need a voiceover for your next video presentation or podcast or want to create an audiobook, Blakify can do it all in seconds. With Blakify you can easily create engaging and persuasive audio content that will keep your visitors coming back for more.

Click Here to Buy Blakify Text To Speech Lifetime Deal for $67.00

Blakify Text To Speech Appsumo

With 65 languages and over 700 voices you can even turn your blog post from English to French paste in the article and let Blakify do all the work. Better still with this offer you get not only the Standard Voices but the Neural Voices which with our technology you would struggle to tell it was A.I. and not a real person!

Click Here to Buy Blakify Text To Speech Lifetime Deal for $67.00

Now with a full SSML Editor allowing you to fine-tune your voice even more! Alternative to: Updigital Voicely and Talking.Network

We are focused on providing more languages and voices so that you can find a voice that suits your brand. To be honest Blakify is doing something that no other company is doing and we’re a bit early in the process.

Blakify Text-To-Speech

Unlimited Characters

Unlimited Voices (Standard and A.I.)

Access To Free Future Upgrades (New Voices)

Unlimited Downloadable MP3 Files

Unlimited Storage


Background Music

Full Commercial Rights

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