Appsumo Lifetime: Boomerangme Lifetime Deal for $99.00

Boomerangme Appsumo: Small businesses run promotions to retain customers and increase their return rates. Most often these are flyers business cards plastic cards and so on.

And they work well. However…
Often printed promotions are forgotten at home or lost.

We present Boomerangme – a digital loyalty card designer.
We’ve digitized all the popular promotions types and converted them to digital cards for Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

Click Here to Buy Boomerangme Lifetime Deal for $99.00

Boomerangme Appsumo

Apple Wallet and Google Pay are already on your customers’ phones. Only 3 clicks are needed to install a digital card which is 10 times faster than installing any app.

Now, your customers will no longer forget their cards at home or lose them. And you’ll get into your customer’s phone without developing your own mobile app!

Click Here to Buy Boomerangme Lifetime Deal for $99.00

Run different types of promotions:
1. Stamps card;
2. Cashback;
3. Discount;
4. Coupons;
5. Subscriptions;
6. Certificates.

Send free and unlimited push notifications instead of paid SMS;
* Segment customers by their activity;
* Reward regular customers for repeat visits;
* Integrate promotions with CRM using Boomerangme API.

This service is designed for HoReCa Beauty Retail and Services industries. Product fitted of any business where repeat purchases are essential.


10 promotions available

50 manager seats

Free scanner app for charging cards

Unlimited digital wallet cards

Free and unlimited push

Geo-push around 330ft of your locations

API for intagration with your CRM

Buil-in Boomerangme CRM

Referral program

Feedback collection

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