Appsumo Lifetime: Chatmatic Lifetime Deal for $49.00


Chatmatic Appsumo: Chatmatic helps you scale these conversations with automated trigger messages based on what the user does or says. With the comment trigger feature you can also transform a mass amount of leads into conversations by turning comments on your Facebook posts into Messenger conversations.

Chatmatic equips you with all the tools you need to optimize your messages and campaigns The workflows tab displays stats on each message in the workflow to determine which messages are converting and which aren’t.

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Chatmatic Appsumo

When you run marketing campaigns, you can also access in-depth, easy-to-understand data displays on the campaign dashboard to help you optimize your campaigns. The same is true with chatbot sequences. You can find and buy an existing sequence template.

Click Here to Buy Chatmatic Lifetime Deal for $49.00

As your company scales, you’ll need a faster and more efficient way to build better customer relationships and grow your list of leads. Take charge of your lead generation and conversion efforts with customized chatbot sequences that let you do more faster.

Sumolings invest not only money, but time as well when determining whether or not a product has a use within their stack or can improve their operation in any way. Chatbots may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of but Chatmatic makes the process simple.

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