Appsumo Lifetime: Consolto Lifetime Deal for $59.00


Consolto Appsumo: With Consolto you can offer bi-directional scheduling capabilities, empowering you and your clients to both send and receive meeting requests. From there configure your team’s available time slots and then use the two-way integration with Google Calendar for cross-platform organization.

The CRM hosts access to centralized data like contact forms meeting summaries shared documents and voice and text messages—so you’ll always know your customer best. Having clear and open channels of communication is essential to positive interactions.

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Consolto Appsumo

That’s why Consolto lets you add multiple agents to the same page for simultaneous one-on-one video chat sessions offering heightened service availability despite multiple incoming requests. With advanced configurations you can prioritize agents define access permissions and set up customized communication environments.

Click Here to Buy Consolto Lifetime Deal for $59.00

For those without websites, Consolto even makes it easy to personalize communication pages for initiating online meetings without having a domain. You and your team can take advantage of powerful insights into customer behavior including page views time spent on page and interaction statistics.

Use the statistic-tracking features to analyze conversions and personalize your customer interactions to better meet their needs. With this video chat platform you’ll be able to meet new customers connect with clients globally and engage in virtual showings.

Sometimes a quick video chat can take customers from fuming Yelp review to IG Live shoutout with way less effort for both parties. Consolto changes how you interact with customers worldwide by using convenient video chat and organized customer data to make the most of everyone’s time.

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