Appsumo Lifetime: Control D Lifetime Deal for $30.00

Control D Appsumo: Ads and trackers not only violate your privacy; they slow down your browsing and in many cases download more ad and tracking code than the actual content you want to see.

Control D solves this problem at its root by preventing ads and trackers from loading in the first place.

This speeds up page load times and eliminates most of the ads you see on your devices (including mobile). And that’s just one of many things you can do with Control D.

Click Here to Buy Control D Lifetime Deal for $30.00

Control D Appsumo
You can also:

Bypass Geo-restrictions – Never see the phrase ‘Content unavailable in your region’ again! Control D acts like a VPN to make it appear like you’re in another country so you can see the content you want to without actually using a VPN.

Improve Productivity – Games and Reddit never hurt anyone unless they’re trying to finish a task on time. Block distracting services when you need to get stuff done.

Click Here to Buy Control D Lifetime Deal for $30.00

Create Parental Controls – Got kids at home? Block harmful content or time-wasting games with a single toggle switch.

Control D simply allows you to choose what domains “exist” for you. By toggling the Ads & Trackers blocklist all the tracking domains will simply “not exist” from the perspective of your device and therefore not load.

Control D

12 Filtering categories

300+ Supported services

10 Devices on a single account

Changes your IP like a VPN (without any apps)

Parental controls

Productivity controls

Redirect all your activity through servers in 64 countries

Global anycast network

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