Appsumo Lifetime: CVViZ Lifetime Deal for $69.00


CVViZ Appsumo: CVViZ is an Artificial Intelligence powered, cloud-based recruiting software that helps you identify RIGHT talent internally or externally. CVViZ streamlines your recruitment process intelligently. Be it automated candidate sourcing, contextual resume screening.

Easy to use cost effective has many features like free job posts social media postings resume parsing and AI resume screening and evaluating. So this made us to go with it. Happy to use it so far.

Click Here to Buy CVViZ Lifetime Deal for $69.00

CVViZ Appsumo

CVViZ is an efficient and next-gen recruiting software that makes it easier for managers to fulfill their hiring needs by matching the right candidate with the right job. It automated the process of candidate sourcing, giving users insights about the quality of their hires, while streamlining administrative tasks.

Click Here to Buy CVViZ Lifetime Deal for $69.00

CVViZ can screen resumes based on the job description and by using your recent hiring decisions.Hiring managers can video-interview candidates.Recruiters and hiring managers can track candidates’ progress, collect interview feedback and roll out job offers in a single click.

CVVIZ is a great tool to help recruiters manage job openings, resumes and job ad campaigns. However, some integrated job boards aren’t relevant to us since the company is based in another country.

CVViZ is a cloud-based modern recruiting software that intelligently automates mundane recruiting tasks.It saves money, time, and effort by simplifying the hiring process from job posting to job offer in a few easy steps.

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