Appsumo Lifetime: DashFrugal Lifetime Deal for $59.00


DashFrugal Appsumo: Dashfrugal is the World’s #1 Voice-guided digital adoption platform built for small and medium SaaS businesses to drive self-service user onboarding and product training. With the Dashfrugal onboarding tool you can design various in-app user onboarding methods like “Tooltip navigation.

Switching decisions is not so easy, We are experimenting with the old school user-guided tour for a long, but the real problem is still unresolved now the major problem we have faced is solved to an extent.
DashFrugal Appsumo
A strong and responsive team. Clear in their statements of what their product can do. We got to use Dashfrugal when they were in beta phase. Though initially it was only contextual guidance they kept adding relevant features.
These components help your users to learn the software effectively during the first few days of the product journey. This, in turn helps improve the software’s feature adoption rate which will also gradually increase the overall retention rate.
Dashfrugal helped us create great onboarding for RecurPost. We were able to implement our onboarding flow exactly how we wanted it. It took me some time to get used to it but once I got the hang of it then things progressed smoothly.
Dashfrugal is a new-age digital adoption platform built for product-driven companies especially SaS companies to drive customer onboarding, in-app walkthrough and product training.
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