Appsumo Lifetime: Data Chroma Lifetime Deal for $99.00

Data Chroma Appsumo: Data Chroma is a one-stop solution for LinkedIn sales prospecting and targeted prospect list building.

Cold Email list building is a very tiring process. You need to create your audience on LinkedIn and then use a dozen different tools to scrape results find and verify work email addresses.

What if you could do all of this in one single tool?

Click Here to Buy Data Chroma Lifetime Deal for $99.00

Data Chroma AppsumoWell now you can. Introducing Data Chroma.

Data Chroma helps you master LinkedIn lead generation and prospect list building.

It provides you with full-featured modules to scrape and export people and company data from LinkedIn along with an industry-leading email finder and a very accurate email verifier.

The best part? Everything runs in the cloud.

What’s more is that if you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for sales prospecting you’re in for a treat.

Click Here to Buy Data Chroma Lifetime Deal for $99.00

Get access to Data Chroma’s sales navigator-specific modules to export lead and account searches, lists and saved searches.

I’ve tried all products like Phantombuster Texau and even the currently listed Captain Data but nothing comes close to the extensive data points that Data Chroma outputs for each LinkedIn scrape.

DC will be able to fix these issues. For someone who is more concerned about volume this tool may be a better fit.

Plans and Features

1 Year of access to Data Chroma Plan

You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

1 Year of Data Chroma Plan updates

Please note: This deal is not stackable

60-day money back guarantee, no matter the reason

Data Chroma

10,000 Automation Credits per month

2000 Email Credits per month

20 Phone number credits per month

2 LinkedIn Accounts

15 Module Slots

Email Finder – Single + Bulk

Email Verifier – Single + Bulk

Slack Integration

No proxies required

API Coming Soon

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