Appsumo Lifetime Deal : Berrycast Marketplace for $59.00


Berrycast :Want to send a product how-to video or visually respond to a detailed question via email? With Berrycast, it’s a breeze!Just record your video and share it in Outlook, Microsoft Teams, or through your unique Berrycast URL to your customers or teammates.

Wherever there’s a complicated email thread or long-winded explanation on the phone, Berrycast is there to do the heavy lifting.Provide personalized updates on important projects to your clients or give them their own detailed tutorial for your product or platform.

Buy Berrycast Lifetime Deal for $59.00


Using a traditional video meeting program to record yourself may work in a pinch, but Berrycast is built specifically for screen and video recording.You can record video, audio, and your screen at the same time, replicating in-person presentations in a socially-distanced era.

For the camera-shy, there’s also the option to turn off that front-facing camera and just record your screen with audio.Clear up confusion and increase productivity with dynamic visuals and sound that you can share with your teammates, send to clients, and more!

Sharing complex ideas and concepts shouldn’t be a guessing game played over multiple emails and phone calls.Sometimes you just need the visual element and human touch that comes with showing off your screen.Now, you can improve asynchronous communication and add flair to your online interactions with a user-friendly screen recording app that’s easy as pie.

Get Appsumo Berrycast in the Deal for $59.00

Been using Berrycast for a couple of weeks and I must say I like it a lot.
Being a heavy Loom user switching to Berrycast I have to say its almost nothing behind loom.Some small tweaks over time will make those two very comparable.

Never done a review before on here but I love Berrycast so far. It has made it extremely easy to send clients informational videos and internal staff walkthroughs on how to accomplish tasks

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