Appsumo Lifetime Deal : CLOSEM Marketplace for $97.00


CLOSEM :CLOSEM is packed with professionally-written, personalized messages, ready-to-use or customize.You’ll send compelling follow-up messages to your leads or prospects in a snap! In a few clicks,

CLOSEM lets you send a carefully crafted sequence of text, email and even voice messages over time to really make sure your follow-up gets noticed.These campaigns generate 80% more business than a single message blast!

Buy CLOSEM Lifetime Deal for $97.00


Sending a single message to follow-up is near useless. CLOSEM gives you the ability to combine both text and email into a sequence to keep your prospect engaged. These message sequences have a 4-10x better response than sending a single message

I was blown away with what could be done with CLOSEM. It’s a no brainer purchase for small business owners and agency owners. I am primarily planning to use it for prospecting follow up.

Get Appsumo CLOSEM in the Deal for $97.00

CLOSEM is the follow-up KING. It’s not a CRM but it can be. It’s the secret weapon for any veteran in the sales/marketing game. I just had a welcome Zoom with Richard and I am more than sold on the long-term vision.

I purchased a license with CLOSEM for my own business, and I’m finding the onboarding very user friendly and easy to understand and set up, the features well thought out, and the support excellent.

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