Appsumo Lifetime Deal : Curious Karen Marketplace for $49.00


Curious Karen : Surveys are too often exceedingly long and exceedingly boring to fill out, even though they are crucial for gathering decision-making data in many organizations.Curious Karen uses the best of chatbot technology to create surveys that your customers will actually want to answer.

Add skip-logic functionality so users are displayed a different set of questions based on their answers.Embed Curious Karen on your website.It’s never been easier to increase engagement and collect valuable feedback with this powerful instrument in your toolbox.

Buy Curious Karen Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Curious Karen

I’m the founder of Curious Karen, a conversational survey that your customer will actually want to answer. We’re very excited to be launching this promotion for the AppSumo community.Survey is a great way to get feedback, but traditional web surveys are boring And that’s why we’ve created Curious Karen.

Curious Karen has generous limits for creating beautiful conversational survey. It is great for having “small talks” with website visitors and at the same time segmenting leads by intent through the answer piping feature.

Get Appsumo CuriousKaren in the for $49.00

This is a very unique tool. It’s lets you build surveys and forms in chat bot style to boost engagement and replies. This deal would of been PERFECT had they allowed branding removal or reduced branding. Right now there’s a big “Powered by Curios Karen” on all forms we make.

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