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Divjoy Review: A free web-based tool to create the perfect codebase for your next React project. You get a landing page, contact form, pricing, faq, authentication, forgot password flow, routing, and more. We save you weeks of development time. Divjoy is a tool in the MVC Tools category of a tech stack.

Divjoy speeds up React development. Choose everything you need in your project (auth, payments, analytics, etc), pick a nice template, then export a high-quality codebase you can keep building on.

Buy Divjoy Lifetime Deal for $79.00

Divjoy Review

Divjoy’s Features

  • Unlimited projects
  • Save yourself a month of development time
  • High-quality React code

2019 was a great year for Divjoy. I launched it to the public on Hacker News and had 15k people hit the site and over 5k people export React codebases in a single day. I added support for Next.js and React Bootstrap. I added a bunch of new components to the library based on feedback. I launched again on Product Hunt. I won a $15,000 grant from Startup School to support Divjoy’s development. Finally, in order to grow this into a sustainable business, I started charging money for code export. People are paying and the future is looking bright! None of this would have been possible without the many many people who’ve given me feedback along the way and all the developers and open-source maintainers that have made the React-ecosystem what it is. So thank you all!


React codebase and UI generator that will save you a month of development time

Gives you UI, auth, database, subscription payments, and more. Everything you need for a SaaS app.

Nocode editor for customizing your app before moving to code

Just select your stack on the homepage, choose a template, and export a high-quality React codebase that you can keep building on. Everything just works. Divjoy even has a no code editor so you can tweak styles, create new pages, and customize your app before moving to code.

Get Appsumo Divjoy in the Deal for $79.00

I love seeing what Divjoy customers build and I’m always around to answer questions and give advice on how to extend your code to do what you need. I want every Divjoy customer to build something great and go on to find success.

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