Appsumo Lifetime Deal: Elite Licenser Marketplace for $69.00


Elite Licenser Review: Elite Licenser is a WordPress plugin for any types of product licensing. It also manages product updates, auto generates license code, built in Envato licensing verification system, full license control and more. It has full set of API, so you can handle it by other applications as well. One app handles license of all your products. You can handle any language (PHP, .Net, Java, Android, etc.). Also you can add licensing to more than one WordPress plugin or theme and it can be installed on same WordPress.

The Elite Licenser is a software manager plugin for WordPress users. It allows a user to manage licenses for themes on WordPress, Joomla, Plugins, or any CMS, Net application, PHP application, Java, or the Android Application. The Elite Licenser allows you to protect your application and software from any unauthorized access or usage.

Buy Elite Licenser Lifetime Deal for $69.00

Elite Licenser Review

Benefits of using Elite Liceser:

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