Appsumo Lifetime Deal: Flowlu Deal at $49


Flowlu enables you to focus on your bottom line, instead of searching for email threads and creating repetitive task cards. CRM automation makes it easy to design flows that set follow-up tasks, create projects, and send emails.

You can instantly convert your ideas to tasks, plus make recurring tasks for the same workflows or at specific intervals, like weekly reports.

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The Kanban board lets you prioritize tasks and find out what needs to get done at a glance, including due dates attached right to the cards.

You can quickly view project progress, key milestones, deadlines, budgets, and even time estimates for tasks.


Use project workflows to easily create similar projects with predefined activities and sequences, plus forecast project revenue and calculate costs before comparing them to final budget results.

Flowlu is a complete suite of project and business management tools, including a CRM, invoicing, Kanban board, and more. It is used to unify your business processes with a comprehensive project and customer management platform.

There comes a time when you have to consolidate, whether you’re out of hard drive space or your significant other asks if you really need that many pairs of socks.

Buy Flowlu Appsumo Lifetime Deal at $49

Flowlu’s knowledge base makes it simple to store and manage any kind of data from one place. Document your team’s critical information and SOPs in an organized, shared knowledge hub for easy access.

You can also use a knowledge base to craft a help center for your customers to view at their leisure. Instead of swamping your support team with emails, just route customers to a self-service portal for a buffet of information.

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