Appsumo Lifetime Deal : Girafi Marketplace for $30.00


Girafi: This guys and super helpful. I’ve got the startup and at the launch it was hard. Thanks to Girafi my first clients became more familiar with concept, they were appreciating my Girafi gift for them and I of course was knowing more and more what to improve, were to target better.

Getting more referrals and building a bench of brand ambassadors is easier than ever with Girafi!Referrals are a big deal when it comes to driving conversions, and creating loyal customers and word-of-mouth is one of the best forms of advertising

Buy Girafi Lifetime Deal for $30.00


For every purchase through their unique link, the referrer will get a discount, too!Girafi is a hassle-free way to improve your marketing ROI and cut down on customer acquisition costs.And it’s not just discount links — referrers can share download links to freebies like ebooks, access to gated content on your site, or an upgrade to a new subscription tier.

Survey task gives you an ability to ask your customers for product feedback or any website suggestions.Video task is all about your promotional or informational video that can drive better engagement from your customers of course.

excite me a lot with Giraffi. Mat the creator is a fantastic person and I will buy all the products he develops, as he gives me the confidence and confidence that he knows where he is going with his products.

Get Appsumo Girafi Lifetime Deal for $30.00

Referral program for Ecommerce

Turn your customers into ambassadors and get them to recommend your business among their friends

A hassle-free way to improve your marketing ROI and cut customer acquisition costs by up to 50%

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