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Instoo Review: Instoo says that they are a bot that you can get through Chrome as an extension, and while this might make them sound like they’re a legit company, this could actually result in you getting caught for using a bot. This is because it’s super easy for Instagram to detect if you’re using a bot through Chrome, so you’re losing before you’ve even started. Let’s give them a review, regardless.

Instoo is a chrome extension that you install in your browser to automate your interactions on with real users. This compels real users to then follow/like you back. If you have good targets, this is an effective way to automate growth.

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Instoo Review

Instoo is an Instagram bot that follows and unfollows people at random for you so that they can help you grow your Instagram account. While they might be upfront and honest about what they are, there is always the risk that they can get you banned, being a bot.

Instoo is an automation tools platform to help grow followers. The automation tools help to interact with real users on your behalf. This allows only users who are interested in your products to interact with you. Instoo Instagram is popular as it automates your browser with a Google Chrome extension. It uses unique algorithms to automate follows, likes, story views, and DMs. Since it works on your home network, it requires no proxies and is the safest possible bot to use in 2020. The Tinder Automation feature helps users get matches while also saving hundreds of hours through unblockable automation techniques. If users are looking for advice on scaling their accounts, the live chat support comes handy. The platform comes with a test option with a 100% money-back guarantee. It helps users to run management businesses where one license can grant access to automate interactions for unlimited accounts.

Get Appsumo Instoo in the Deal for $79.00

Instoo Features Plans

  • Constant daily business growth on auto-pilot

  • Instagram automation bot

  • Tinder automation bot

  • TikTok automation bot

  • Twitter automation bot

  • 10 Social profiles

  • Dedicated support 24/7

  • Works on Windows/Mac/ChromeOS/Android

  • Grow 30-50 Instagram followers per day on average

  • Save 300+ hours per month

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