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Kapa99 Review: Kapa99 has been designed to provide world-class customer centric and unlimited graphic design help. They believe in saving customers time, money and frustration on their every-day graphic design requirements that drives them regularly. They help business owners, marketers and agencies complete their projects quickly for an affordable price.

Kapa99 is a company that offers an unlimited graphic design service. It means that for a flat monthly fee, you can send them as many orders as you need and request as many revisions as you need.

Buy Kapa99 Lifetime Deal for $99.00

Kapa99 Review

It’s like a buffet style restaurant but you pay on per time basis instead of per entry basis. If you need to create a lot of media and graphic designs instead of having a one-time project, this might be what you need.

Kapa99 can take pretty much any kind of design project, from web ads to logo designs to billboard designs. Or at least they claim so.

Plans and Pricing

Kapa99 charges a flat fee of $399 per month for unlimited design requests and revisions. They turn most tasks around within 24-48 hours. They say there is some flexibility there if you have an urgent task or a big task that will take a lot longer. You can reach out to them to discuss any individual requirements, and they’ll do their best to accommodate you.

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Get Appsumo Kapa99 in the Deal for $99.00

Features of kapa99

  • We design logos, e-books, social media graphics, t-shirts, you name it.
  • Our average turnaround time is only 24 to 48 hours.
  • Unlimited requests and unlimited revisions.
  • We won’t bill you until your free trial expires!
  • Pay the same low price every month
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