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LeadBlasta Review: LeadBlasta web app creates high-converting lead magnets as Chrome extensions for automated list building with built-in follow-up marketing tools. Now you can tap into content marketing in a way that’s both easy to manage and builds your audience on autopilot.

What if you could build simple checklists; embed videos, images, and banner ads; put it into the Chrome store as an extension; and watch your email list, SMS list, and push notifications list grow on its own? People rarely read 5,000-word articles, but that’s what we are told we need to rank, right?

Buy LeadBlasta Lifetime Deal for $55.00

LeadBlasta Review

The truth is that people scan those epic blog posts and they are looking for the takeaways — the stuff that’s actionable and that they can implement today. LeadBlasta built a solution by creating interactive checklists that provide the easy Google rankings, built-in traffic from the Chrome store, and a range of marketing tools to follow up with your audience easily.


Build Chrome extension lead magnets with no tech skills needed

Create interactive checklists that can be updated from within the LeadBlasta web app at anytime

Build your email list, SMS, and push notification audiences with full-blown SMS and push marketing sending built in

All of this comes standard so that you can build a relationship with your target demographic by connecting with them via email, SMS, and push notifications.

LeadBlasta offers a new way to do content marketing, building evergreen lead magnets that people actually want and use as well as offering built in tools for email list building, SMS marketing and Push notifications without any tech knowledge needed.

Get Appsumo LeadBlasta in the Deal for $55.00

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