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This book, Leading Small Teams, aims to share leadership and project management lessons Paul Onu acquired over the years in the course of his 9-to-5 work and startup business ventures.

“Small” in this context is a metaphor for few team members, paucity of funds, limited resources, and challenging market environments — all the elements every startup business has to deal with during the early stages.

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 Leading Small Teams

For a startup, you could either end up working with friends, colleagues, freelancers, remote workers, etc. — each of which comes with their own idiosyncrasies, ranging from distractions, lack of focus, limited commitment, and limited contributions in terms of ideas and efforts.

Leading Small Teams

Shared experience on moving from ideas to products

How to identify key success factors in startups

How to pivot quickly and rightly

Top pragmatic leadership examples in startups

Time management — a different perspective

How to hire and retain the best staff

Building complementary skills in startup teams

How to launch and re-launch your startup business

Tools and models for leading people and projects

Functional organizational structures and roles

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This book is designed to help address all those situations and provide valuable tools and solutions for your benefit.

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