Appsumo Lifetime Deal : Nudgify Marketplace for $79.00


Nudgify : Showing how popular you are with social proof and FOMO notifications helps to build trust and urgency in a natural way.Nudgify is more than a simple social proof or FOMO app though.

With this product, you can choose from a library of powerful notifications, and each one turns real-time data into a powerful purchase trigger.You can even create your own notifications to improve user experience (UX) on problem pages.

Buy Nudgify Lifetime Deal for $79.00


Nudgify gives you control of your Nudges’ timings, appearance, and sequences.It works in 20+ languages and integrates with hundreds of apps to show different types of activity.This versatility makes Nudgify a customer-friendly option, improving both conversions and customer experiences.

Get Appsumo Nudgify in the Deal for $79.00

This app has increased so much social proof for my business online and I am a proud lifetime member with Nudgify! Charlotte from Nudgify is the best too! She helped me get all my dashboard settings in order

Native Shopify integration and a wider range of message types, based on a variety of psychological triggers

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