Appsumo Lifetime Deal: Marketplace for $39.00

112 Review: is a nifty tool to add social proof and promo announcements to your website with a few lines of code. You can push and update your data with the simplicity of Google Sheets, and boost conversions on your website or store with the FOMO effect.

Easily build trust with your audience with the social proof effect and notification templates. helps generate more sales upon landing and checkout by showing users relevant promotions.

Buy Lifetime Deal For $39.00 Review

10 new user case notification templates are included. These templates include promotions, coupon links, new videos, tutorial, latest reviews, a welcome bar, and more.


Create FOMO and boost views on inner pages, as well the whole website

Show social proof, product banners, promo widgets, announcements, and notifications on any website or page

Automate w/ no-code tools: Google Forms, Google Sheets and Zapier(beta)

Get Appsumo in the Deal for $39.00 Features Plan

  • Unlimited notifications

  • Ideal for small beginner startup, SMB’s, one-page stores, eCommerce, marketing agencies, and makers

  • Easily change the information in the widget via Google Sheets

  • Build trust with your audience easily

  • Increase conversions on your website & store

  • Generate more sales on landing & checkout

  • Easily edit the design and update info with an online builder for a lifetim

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