Appsumo Lifetime Deal: Sendspark Deal discount and Coupon Code


Sendspark Deal: Sendspark helps you stand out in the inbox with video emails for smarter outreach and clearer communication. With some customers receiving more than 100 emails a day, you’ve got to find a way to cut through the noise.

With the Sendspark Chrome extension, new videos are just one click away with the ability to record videos right from the browser. After you record your personal video message in Chrome, you can add personalization and branding to make the experience more attention-grabbing.

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You can also share the video in a regular email or message to add a personalized touch that gets you noticed in your customers’ inboxes.

Sendspark Deal
Sendspark Deal

Personalize video thumbnails for your recipients with their name and logo right on the video, so they’ll know you made that content just for them. You can use these personalized videos for account-based marketing, sales, and onboarding to book more calls and retain more customers.

Create quick videos of any kind on the fly for customers: introduce yourself, follow up on a conversation, answer questions, showcase your product, or create instant tutorials.

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Lastly, Sendspark lets you gather video content from your marketing clients to send video emails on their behalf perfect for agencies needing video for sales, onboarding, tutorials, and more.

Sendspark makes it easy for you to stand out in your customer’s inbox with video emails that offer a personalized touch.

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