Appsumo Lifetime: GetTerms Lifetime Deal for $69.00


GetTerms  Appsumo: GetTerms gives you access to comprehensive policy packs that includes the standard terms of service plus optional cookie policies and an acceptable use policy. With a ton of different packages and policies available you can adapt GetTerms policies to fit your business’ unique needs.

All the policies are written for humans and reviewed by lawyers  making it easy to generate custom privacy terms and conditions and cookie policies written in plain English. You can rest easy knowing that while all policies are easy to read and understand they also meet the high legal standards that would cost you big bucks with a traditional law firm.

Buy GetTerms Lifetime Deal for $69.00

GetTerms  Appsumo

Whether you’re creating sites for your own business or developing them for clients you can save time and money using GetTerms policies. You’ll be able to put together privacy policies in less time than it took Elle Woods to explain the science of hair perms and win her first case.

Get Appsumo GetTerms in the Deal for $69.00

Just because your site and app need to be compliant doesn’t mean you want to drive away potential customers with a bunch of legal jargon. GetTerms believes in simplicity so its product is as close to plain speech as their lawyers would allow.

That means it’s now easier than ever to get up to date on your website compliance without the headaches. As much as you’d love to study legal guidelines and privacy policies.

That’s why GetTerms helps you generate simple terms and conditions and privacy policy documents that you can adapt for your business’ unique needs. Don’t get stuck with non-compliant sites or pay overpriced legal fees to get the essential policies you need for your business.

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