Appsumo Lifetime: go4clic Lifetime Deal for $59.00


go4clic Appsumo: White-label features allow you to customize your domain and landing page according to your brand including logo images text and more. You can create manage, and administrate as many courses or live classes as you like in just a few quick and easy steps.

Show your customers how much you care and increase your customer loyalty by offering custom training programs tailored specifically to them. Go4clic is the Tony Hawk of learning analytics offering 360 degrees of mentor and course performance data sets.

Click Here to Buy go4clic Lifetime Deal for $59.00

go4clic Appsumo

You’ll be able to take advantage of the app’s many tools that reflect accumulated data so you can optimize your courses and expand your business. Encourage students and boost participation through automated rankings that push course users to improve their course success.

Click Here to Buy go4clic Lifetime Deal for $59.00

The comprehensive course experience includes a progress bar at the top of every unit, indicating completion rate and remaining lessons. Convenient chat and notification panels on the interface encourage students to stay in touch with mentors and classmates.

With classes this engaging and fun you might just get students to stop setting pictures of themselves as their Zoom backgrounds. Open up a whole new world of learning for your students and site users with enriching activities for your online courses.

Unlike Acadle, Spayee or Gurucan, Go4clic does not come with any marketing features built in. It is purely a LMS. Which is great if you are a serious marketer and you just want a solid LMS then Go4clic is for you.

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