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GuidePlugin Appsumo: Online guided selling tools are fast becoming mainstream. So much so that simply having one is no longer a competitive advantage. Knowing when and how to best use guided selling is the key to outperforming your competitors.

It works best when you want to educate shoppers on a complex product or service to help them make a purchase decision. It’s great where customers are unlikely to have a clear preference in mind beforehand – and is unnecessary for simple purchases.

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GuidePlugin Appsumo

Based on the answers, our plugin filters all posts on your WordPress website in the background and displays the products or content that perfectly match the answers of your visitors.

This not only increases the satisfaction of your visitors. Interacting with the guide also increases the length of time your visitors stay on your site, which is a good sign for search engines.

Click Here to Buy GuidePlugin Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Think about going to a clothing store to buy a new shirt or pants. The salesman asks you about your size, your favorite colors, your favorite cut, etc. Treat the customers of your website the same way by using the GuidePlugin.


Create beautiful guides for your website visitors

Lower your bounce rate on your website

Get higher conversion rates by showing the right products or posts to your customers

Use the plugin on 3 different domains

Get premium technical support

Use this plugin with your woocommerce store

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