Appsumo Lifetime: heylogin Lifetime Deal for $90.00

heylogin Appsumo: You urgently need a solution for all your business logins but don’t feel like having a Master Password? Today is your lucky day because heylogin is here to save you! “No Master Password? But then how does heylogin secure my data?”

Simple: with your smartphone. This makes it so you can log in with FaceID fingerprint or PIN  No OTP and no confirmation SMS. heylogin uses a special login mask which allows you to log in to all web-based applications with just one click. It’s that SSO feeling without SSO costs.

Click Here to Buy heylogin Lifetime Deal for $90.00

heylogin Appsumo

Thanks to the organization feature you can significantly simplify password and login management. Create teams and invite employees for easy sharing of logins without unsafe mails or sticky notes. Easy drag-and-drop operation and real-time synchronization make your work easier.

Click Here to Buy heylogin Lifetime Deal for $90.00

Of course it also helps with onboarding and offboarding of employees. Prepare logins so that the new employee only has to install the app and can get started immediately or revoke access rights immediately when an employee leaves the company – no problem with heylogin.

We’ve been working for a long time on a password solution that can ease the pain of businesses. Forgetting the master password sharing logins with notepads in the team.


15 Users

No Master Password

Password-less 2-factor security via app (Android & iOS)

1-click login on all websites (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge)

Team features for sharing and managing logins

Unlimited login storage

Full recovery backup for a lost or stolen phone

Automatic secure password generation

Import from other password solutions

9/5 Support by email

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