Appsumo Lifetime: Hippo Video Lifetime Deal for $59.00


Hippo Video Appsumo: The last thing your prospects need is another unread email clogging up their inbox. That’s why Hippo Video lets you grab your prospect’s attention by quickly recording and sending hyper-personalized videos right from Gmail and Outlook.

You can also track your video emails, get real-time data on video views, watch percentage and engagement. Use this data to send timely follow-ups qualify your leads and quickly move them through the sales funnel.

Click Here to Buy Hippo Video Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Hippo Video Appsumo

Best of all Hippo Video lets you customize sales pages with elements ranging from company logos branding backgrounds and CTAs. Personalize sales pages and increase prospect engagement by adding sales videos demos collaterals proposals and presentations.

Click Here to Buy Hippo Video Lifetime Deal for $59.00

Using the Video Teleprompter feature you can ramp up your sales team by recording impressive videos instantly. You’ll get clear script cues as well as command over your voice modulation tonality  and focus on effectiveness all while recording videos.

So unlike your high school drama class there’s absolutely no pressure to go off book and your video pitches will always be Sharpay Evans-level fabulous. If we’ve learned anything from The Office it’s that sales outreach is all about building relationships.

And because most teams send off tons of emails everyday your prospects have to shift through jam-packed email inboxes. Hippo Video helps you stand out with hyper-personalized video emails, so your prospects can feel like they’re connecting with you—not your email server.

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