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LeadScripts Appsumo: Through advanced AI LeadScripts helps you create content for your marketing needs including funnels emails and sales pages. Just fill in a few details about your product or service to get unique scripts tailored to your business. Next you can save scripts to your LeadScripts swipe file copy and paste them to your funnel software or download the scripts you need and make tweaks later.

You can also choose the type of funnel page you need and find customizable scripts for every on-page element. Once you enter a few keywords the AI generator can brainstorm ideas for ads blog post outlines and blog post titles. Headlines are key to clicks and conversions and you won’t be disappointed with LeadScripts’ ability to come up with attention-grabbing headlines too.

Click Here to Buy LeadScripts Lifetime Deal for $99.00

LeadScripts Appsumo

As you type you can seamlessly toggle script formulas to identify the variables you need and align them with your product or service. The premade scripts are inspired by expert copywriters and winning sales formulas to ensure high-quality content. And LeadScripts gives you all the funnel scripts sales page copy email scripts and ad scripts you’ll ever need.

Click Here to Buy LeadScripts Lifetime Deal for $99.00

You can quickly create lead magnets onboarding emails and feedback requests—without hiring more freelancers. The platform even adds new scripts on a regular basis so your marketing and sales assets are always up to date. Just like making your own pasta from scratch writing emails from a blank page takes a lot of time and gets messy fast. With LeadScripts you’ll save hours by answering questions to get AI-generated email strings.

You’ll be able to customize these templates for things like abandoned carts partnerships and last-chance offers letting you automatically follow up for better conversions. You don’t need to study every viral post to come up with witty copy that can convert. With LeadScripts you can answer a few questions and access hundreds of customizable and proven scripts tailored to your business.

Plans and Features

Lifetime access to LeadScripts

All future All Access Plan updates

You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase

Stack up to 2 codes

Word limits are for internal use and teammate accounts cannot be resold

Usage subject to LeadScripts fair use policy

60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

Features Included in All Plans

800+ scripts

20+ funnels

Script wizard

Email scripts

Funnel scripts and element generators

Script formulas

Ad scripts

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